Changing The Way We Look At Food

Rainbow Roots Farm, located 5 miles north of beautiful Iowa City, serves vegetables, fruit, and eggs to the community through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture- box of veggies every week for the growing season) membership. Iowa is ranked number 5 in the nation for number of organic farms and leads the nation in the production of several organic crops. Iowa City has a lot of potential to become the states hub for organic farming due to its ample diversity and a progressive population resulting from the University of Iowa being nuzzled right downtown. Rainbow Roots Farm will take pride in being heavily involved in the community by reaching out to the highly ranked public schools and working with children to help teach them about where their veggies are coming from and providing healthy afterschool snacks.

Rainbow Roots Farm will keep everything close to home; from buying seeds, potting soil, and tools from local, family owned or non-profit businesses in the community to not selling outside of a 50 mile radius.

The primary goal is to grow nutritious vegetables and educate the community about organics. The secondary goal is to practice regenerative farming and leave the land better than what it was previously. This will be done by sequestering carbon, fertilizing naturally, and attracting and homing lots of native pollinators and other species.

By leasing land the first couple of years, it will allow Rainbow Roots Farm to build finances while finding the perfect place to call a forever home.


Values: Providing healthy foods, education, community gathering, and having a regenerative commitment to the land are the most important things that Rainbow Roots Farm can offer.

Mission: Rainbow Roots Farm will provide an opportunity for people to be more involved in where and how their food is grown. We will, together, look toward a future of more sustainable living in more ways than farming. This includes less household waste, water use, carbon emissions, and eating less damaging food for our bodies.

Corbin Scholz

Corbin grew up in Iowa City and attended the University of Iowa where she graduated on the pre-medical track with a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and a minor in Spanish. 

A few months before graduation, Corbin was at a coffee shop, trying to get the motivation to study for her Human Pathophysiology exam, when she came across an article online about bees and other pollinators. How they are going extinct due to herbicides, pesticides, and human industrialization. Why does that matter? So, the search went on. Corbin learned bees are vital for the growth of most of our plants, including trees! This led to GMOs, soil health, regenerative agriculture, and then to organic farming. This sparked an interest that has never been touched before.

Corbin found an Organic Farm School in Washington state. She attended the 8 month long intensive program in 2018 where she learned a solid base of information a young farmer needs to know- tractor operation, greenhouse management, livestock care, transplanting and seeding, business planning, marketing, administrative duties, etc.

In November 2018, Corbin moved back to Iowa City where she settled down and started her own organic farm to give back to the community that has given her so much growing up. 

Corbin is on the board of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) and the women's soccer coach at City High School in Iowa City. 

Breakfast & Nubby

Breakfast and Nubby are two Duroc/Berkshire mix pigs who were saved from slaughter in Washington State. Corbin purchased these ladies for "hanging weight" from a farm and then traveled 38 hours home to Iowa. The pigs have three jobs with Rainbow Roots Farm. The first is to use their noses to till up the ground to reduce tractor use, while fertilizing when they defecate. They also eat all the veggie scraps on the farm!

The pigs will allow the public to meet what they eat and hopefully educate people, in a state where there are more pigs than people, the environmental and health impacts of eating meat. They will show you how smart they truly are and will roll over for belly rubs for everyone! 


We have 70 hens. They each lay about 2 eggs every 3 days! There are 8 different varieties that will, together, create a colorful array of eggs:

-Americana (blue eggs)

-Barred Rock (brown eggs)

-Rhode Island Red (brown eggs) 

-California White (white eggs)

-Midnight Majesty Maran (dark eggs)

-Brown Leghorn (white eggs)

-Prairie Bluebell Egger (blue eggs)

-Welsummer (dark eggs)

The chickens will be used for fertilizing the ground and producing a colorful carton of eggs! 


Besides being another slaughter save, Patrick spends his time with the chickens to protect from and deter birds of prey. He has successfully kept the flock safe from all birds of prey since 2019. 

Patrick clicks excitedly when he sees humans, gobbles on command, and is a good boy!